Sell Marketing Intelligence Solutions That Boost Your Clients’ Revenue

Whether you’re running an Internet marketing company or ad agency, or simply want to increase the ROI for your client, Lead-IQ can be your trusted partner.

Lead-IQ lets you strengthen your brand and boost your marketing campaigns by offering cutting-edge marketing intelligence instead of generic marketing services, setting your company apart from the rest of your competition.

Lead-IQ will give your clients greater insights into the leads that deliver the highest ROI for their company. Lead-IQ efficiently and effectively overhauls the entire lead and sales management cycle and saves SMBs thousands of dollars in marketing costs.

    Lead-IQ lets you offer a full-fledged marketing automation platform to your clients. As our partner, you will gain many benefits including:

  • An intelligent marketing platform at affordable prices (best value for your money compared to industry prices)
  • Better insights and higher revenues for your clients’ marketing campaigns
  • Super easy to use (Your client can get Lead-IQ up and running in as little as 30 minutes and use the platform with ease)
  • Manage your clients and site admins with ease (Each of your clients will receive their own username and password for their account)
  • Set-up multiple users (admin, user and read only access levels)
  • Quick and reliable all-day, all-week support at no extra charge
  • Take Lead-IQ for a 30-day risk free trial today