Benefits: Major Features and Benefits of Lead-IQ -
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Discover The Details Behind Each Lead

Find out the ad source, keyword, geolocation, time spent on each webpage, host name, and many other essential data for every user that fills out your inquiry form (gain more details than Google Analytics provide)

Find out which pages your leads have browsed on your website

Find out which pages your leads have inquired on and so on

Find out which leads come from “offline advertising” such as newspapers, magazines, and other offline display ads and identify the leads behind them

And much more!

Manage Leads More Efficiently

Have all your leads organized by region, city, country, postal code, name, status, and score of importance

Update your leads and track which ones are “sales ready”

Get instant notification when your leads come back to your website and find out which pages they have browsed on your website

Set up multiple users (sales people) and manage them with ease

Get lead scoring options to help you focus on ``hot leads`` that generate quicker sales

And much more!

Sell More & Earn More

Find out which keywords, country/region, campaigns, adgroups, and websites bring the best ROI

Cloud based, user-friendly dashboard and lead management system which works on any website

Get reports on sales reps’ performance and leads’ qualities

Get reports that compare revenues with marketing channels quickly

Trace which competitors have lurked and submitted ``fake inquiries``

And much more!