Lead Intelligence & Marketing Automation Platform - Lead-IQ
Lead Intelligence & Marketing Automation Platform - Lead-IQ
Lead-IQ helps you gain traffic source intelligence insights (source attribution), manage leads easier and close deals faster. Get a 30 DAY FREE Trial Today!
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Some of the Major Benefits of Using Lead-IQ

Lead-IQ helps you increase your sales using lead management and conversion automation

Gain Lead Source Intelligence

Find out where all of your leads come from (keyword, adgroup, and campaign source – even the exact page)

Find out your leads IP address, geolocation (country, region, city and postal code), as well as organization of each one

Find out which pages your leads browse and the inquiry page

Categorize your sources and locate more of them through intelligent lead tracking

Manually import/export leads

Find out which leads come from “offline advertising” such as newspapers, magazines, and other offline display ads and identify the leads behind them

Facebook “Lead Ads” integration. Instead of manually downloading all your leads from Facebook, Lead-IQ will automatically sync them to your e-mail account and to your Lead-IQ account, where you can manage the leads.

Manage Leads With Ease

Find out if and when your prospect has opened your e-mail using intelligent e-mail tracking and analytics

Filter fake inquires so that you can focus on the leads that matter

Manage and assign leads to your sales team in one easy to use platform

Update, follow up, and track your leads conveniently

Update the status of your leads (e.g., not qualified, needs contact, needs quote, followed-up, quoted, awarded, spam, and so on) and track their progress

Create custom reports based on their status and performance

Manage your sales team efficiently with minimal effort (i.e., assign leads to your sales reps manually or automatically)

Let your sales reps assign lead scoring and focus on the ones that matter most

Track your sales reps’ progress in real-time

Get immediately notified when leads return to your website, how long time they spend and which pages they browse

Get Crucial Revenue Reports

Update the quotation and awarded amount (when the lead becomes a client)

Get reports that compare revenues with marketing channels quickly

Get reports on sales reps’ performance and leads’ qualities

Find out which keywords, campaigns, adgroups, and websites bring the best ROI

Discover the biggest markets for your business

Cloud based platform to access anywhere

“The most affordable yet effective lead tracking & marketing automation platform solution for SMBs…”

“The most affordable yet effective lead tracking & marketing automation platform solution for SMBs…”

“Extremely Useful Sales and Marketing Automation Platform…”


Lead-IQ has been an extremely useful sales and marketing tool to our business. It automatically records, tracks, and scores the sources of all our online leads and imports offline ones, letting my sales team focus on closing deals. It told us exactly which sources bring us business, helping us save money on our campaigns and get the most ROI for our business.


Ben Moller
Marketing Director
The Cabin Chiang Mai

Why Invest in Lead-IQ?

Improves ROI on all campaigns

Easy to use (learn the platform in just 30 minutes)

Risk-free, 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Best value for your money

Quick, reliable support from Mon-Sat

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