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13 Mar Lead Generation And Sales Funnel Techniques Best Practice


If you can increase the conversion rate for your business, then you can increase your profits immediately. You won’t need to spend any more money on advertising, you won’t need to alter your business model in any way and it doesn’t even have to involve a lot of work.

Simply: increasing your conversion rate makes your existing business much more efficient. This means that the very same amount of visitors will now yield more sales and more profits. It’s making the most of what you have and it is the smartest way by far to improve your existing business.

And when it comes to improving your conversion rate, it’s all about lead generation and sales funnel techniques!

What are Leads and Sales Funnels?

Not everyone reading this is going to be fully familiar with the concept of the sales funnel, or with what lead generation boils down to. Allow me to explain…

Basically, lead generation means that you’re finding prospective buyers for your products or services. These are people who you have identified as being potential buyers/clients and whose contact details you have. These are usually the best people to market to.

BUT not all leads are made equal. A ‘cold’ lead for instance is someone who has never heard of you and isn’t at all engaged with your brand. Trying to convert a cold lead is tough.

The next step then is to convert your cold lead into a ‘qualified lead’ and an engaged lead. You need to get that person to the point where they know what your business is all about and they’re excited to buy from you. That’s what the sales funnel is for.

Sales funnels take leads from ‘cold’ to ‘warm’ to ‘engaged and qualified’. That means you’re not trying to sell your to leads right away but rather you’re trying to get them to trust you, to be interested in your brand and to be actively listening out for your communication.

And using the best lead generation and sales funnel techniques is the best way to do this…

Some Powerful Lead Generation and Sales Funnel Techniques

Okay, so how exactly does this work?

One very popular method is to offer a free ‘report’ or ebook to your website’s visitors. They land on your site from an advert or social media post and they see that you’re giving away a free PDF to anyone who signs up.

They’re not being asked to spend any money, so they have nothing to lose. Your marketing should have targeted the right demographic, so they should have some interest in your topic. Your ‘cold’ lead, just became a ‘warm’ lead.

Next, your lead will read the PDF and hopefully find it very interesting if it’s of high value and quality. This means they’ll be more likely to read your ongoing newsletters and attend the free webinar that you’re putting on etc. Now they’re much more active and engaged with your brand.

It’s at this point that you can try and sell to the lead and they’ll be far more receptive to that message than they would have been before.

Another technique you can use is to sell the visitor something small and cheap before you try and sell them your ‘high ticket’ item. This works well because they’re not being asked to buy something for thousands of dollars before they have any experience of doing business with you.

Using Tools for Lead Generation and Sales Funnel Techniques

If you are using sales funnel techniques you can see which leads come back to your website for more. Your sales team will have an easier time translating your cold leads to active clients. These lead generation and sales funnel techniques are undoubtedly powerful and you’re probably keen to give them a go yourself. The next question though is how you go about implementing them.

Lead-IQ helps with lead generation tracking and sales funnels so that you can identify which techniques are the most effective at converting leads into customers. You’ll be able to see how different types of leads behave on your site and capture their contact details ready to market to them when they’re most likely to buy.

There is an art and a science to lead generation and conversion and having the right tools for the job can make a massive difference. Get a free demo today. It will only take about 15 minutes of your time.

What are your thoughts?