Is Your Company Still Relying on Old Fashioned Sales and Lead Tracking Spreadsheets? -
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12 Mar Is Your Company Still Relying on Old Fashioned Sales and Lead Tracking Spreadsheets?


Smart businesses know how to leverage technology to accomplish their goals more effectively. When used in this way, technology can actually be referred to using a different, specific term. That term is: ‘force multiplier’.

So what is a force multiplier?

Ultimately, it’s anything that allows a company to achieve a lot more in a lot less time and with a lot less work. For multipliers literally take your input and then multiply it to produce more output.

If you’re still using a sales and lead tracking spreadsheet, then you need a new force multiplier…

A New Way to Think About Your Software

Going back to the idea of force multipliers for a moment, let’s look at some typical examples.

Perhaps the very most obvious example is the hammer. A hammer literally multiplies force so that when you hit a nail, it goes in further than it would if you had used your hand. Same amount of energy expended but greater force output.

Another example of how this might be used in business would be the forklift truck. A forklift truck can carry palettes over large distances but the driver doesn’t have to physically lift those palettes or walk themselves. Thus they can move 10, 20 or 100 times more palettes in the same amount of time and with the same effort.

This is how you need to think about your software. The best software should help your team to work faster and more efficiently and this in turn should decrease your overhead and improve your profits.

How Companies Use Lead Tracking Spreadsheets

Lead tracking is an important part of any business. Companies need to know where their leads are coming from and how they’re interacting with the brand. That way, they can then decide where best to spend their advertising/marketing budget and they can convert more leads into customers/clients.

Once upon a time, all this would have been done by hand. Huge books would have contained all the contact details of each lead and any extra useful information. This could then be passed to the sales team that would go about contacting them and trying to make some money.

Then came lead tracking spreadsheets. These do the exact same thing but far more efficiently – and that makes them force multipliers. Using spreadsheets, sales teams can quickly search and retrieve the names and details they’re looking for, they can update them with more details and information and they can do cross searches to bring up particular groups of people.

Why it’s Time for a Change

But if you’re still relying on those lead tracking spreadsheets then you’re stuck in the past and you’re letting your competitors get the advantage.

Lead tracking spreadsheets are useful force multipliers but they are obsolete technology when compared to specific lead tracking software. Lead tracking software will help you to get even more benefit from the same amount of work, thereby saving even more time and making even more profit.

Lead tracking software just has a ton more features and benefits compared with spreadsheets. For starters, it is synergistic with your website and other aspects of your business. That means that you can use it to automatically find out the true source of each lead from your web traffic and manage them from the initial to the closing stage with far less time and effort.

Likewise, lead tracking spreadsheets require everything to be handled manually. And it’s so easy to make a mistake, which could mean potentially lost customers. With lead tracking software, everything is automated meaning that there is less room for error and far less work for your staff.

Finally, the very best tracking software – such as – stores all that information on the cloud. That means that you can access it from anywhere and that there’s no danger that you might lose your list of leads due to hardware problems.

It’s Time to Become Faster and More Efficient

Like we said earlier in this post: there was a time when lead tracking was all done by pen and paper.

Can you imagine how much slower and more inefficient that method was? Moving from paper to lead tracking spreadsheets was a massive leap forward.

And now you can take another leap that will provide you with more benefits of the same order of magnitude. Contact us to get a Free Demo which takes only about 15 minutes of your time but I can assure you that it will be a good eye opener for you.

What are your thoughts?